Social media and corporate reputation

If you think that tweeting, retweeting, or liking and sharing posts on social media cannot have an impact on a company like #Unilever, you could not be more mistaken….

What is their reputation except what the public thinks about them and says about them? Well, that is largely determined today through social media.

Any time you write a post, send a tweet, or like or share or retweet a statement about Unilever, you are impacting their reputation….and their reputation impacts their business decisions, it impacts their share values, it impacts their profitability.

If we can convince Unilever to take a public stance against the genocide in Myanmar, to preserve their own reputation, we will have achieved a great success…

In this blog post, Shahid emphasises the importance of tweets and posts via social media, explaining how it can impact a corporation’s reputation, and encourages people to tweet to Unilever regarding the Rohingya.

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