Real causes, realistic strategies for Rohingya

“Superficially, the conflict in Arakan, Myanmar appears to be a clear-cut case of religious hatred.  And it is natural for Muslims to react with outrage.  The images of atrocities and the stories of the Rohingya are incitement enough to stir religious anger; Buddhist monks murdering women and children for no reason except that they are Muslim.  But this is such an over-simplified narrative that it is actually deceptive, and if we do not understand the situation more deeply, we will fall into a trap laid by the Myanmar regime, and we will harm the Rohingya far more than we help them.The religious and ethnic hatred of extremist Buddhists and radical Burmese nationalists has been allowed to manifest itself in violence; it has been allowed, however, for reasons that have nothing to do with religion.”

In this blogpost, Shahid encourages people to cut through the religious narrative and focus instead on the real issues that are driving the Rohingya genocide forwards.

Link: Real causes, realistic strategies for Rohingya

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