Rohingya issue can make or break Unilever’s image

“In 2014 the United Nations passed a resolution calling for the reinstatement of Rohingya citizenship, so, if Unilever is backing the United Nations on this issue, there should be no reason why they cannot publicly and explicitly call for Rohingya citizenship themselves. Frankly, such a statement by Unilever would carry more influence with the Myanmar government than a non-binding UN resolution.”

In this blog post, Shahid encourages people to register to join the #WeAreAllRohingyaNow campaign, and discourages activists from taking any actions on their own that might undermine the work of the rest of the group. He explains why condemning genocide should not be a controversial issue and encourages Unilever to issue an unequivocal statement regarding the matter.

Link: Rohingya issue can make or break Unilever’s image


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