I’ve never seen him as a hero, as many people do. He’s a thinker…

“But this does not, in any way, imply that he lacks the qualities of heroes, which he doesn’t.

Heroes (according to Malek Bennabi) work on ridding peoples of oppression, whereas thinkers work on ridding them of the very foundation upon which oppression was based. If thinkers are not allowed the chance to obliterate and eradicate the deeply rooted foundation that had formed with the decline of Muslims centuries ago; and upon which our peoples got oppressed, plundered and manipulated throughout decades atop decades of occupation, hegemony, treason and subordination, then our civilization will never recover.

If we insist on remaining headless to thinkers all our heroes will be wasted and nothing will change since the foundation will persist, and in no time more oppression will build up again. Truth is; we never lacked heroes throughout our history, but what good will they do us when we stop short of completing their lives’ efforts and giving essence and meaning to their sacrifices?

That’s why it’s essential to listen to thinkers like Shahid Bolsen who try to shed some light on the underlying causes of our decline and deterioration, and give us insightful tactics on how to address and dismantle these causes.”

Nermeen, 12 March 2017

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