His vision can be used and applied to achieve justice

“This is extremism!” He said to me. These words were the very first he told me when I commented on one of his posts saying that all the present regimes are just facades since not one single government is applying the Islamic Sharia and there is no real democracy anywhere. I replied that the only way out of this is to take up arms and fight them since they are corrupted. I finished it off by saying that the only way to achieve the needs of the peoples is armed resistance.

Before this incident, I was not one of his followers, but this 3-word sentence got spiralling in my attempt to revisit all the ideas and strategies I counted on to achieve freedom and justice; particularly that we are living in a country where all the cards have been deliberately mixed up while living in a constant state of turmoil and wars. In Syria we are closer, more than anyone, to extremism; whether the Islamists, the secularists, the Kurds, the regime loyalists or any other closed-up group. They just manipulate the minds of their followers to lead the masses into adopting rigid ideologies that do not keep up with the changes and circumstances surrounding us. But after reviewing the events and cross-checking them against the ideas of Shahid as related to dealing with the regimes I discovered serious errors that could be difficult to address on all levels. “We do not believe in armed struggle or nonviolence as absolute principles, but as strategies for serving the absolute principle of preserving the blood, honor and property of the Muslims,” he says.

This kind of thinking is unparalleled among the leaders of the jihadi groups and the political parties. Some of them, for instance, believe in armed struggle under all circumstances, and I used to be one of them. But this is a strategic mistake he warned against in most of his writings, as in Myanmar where the government sought to lure the Muslims into an armed confrontation, to get the needed legal pretext for killing them with international blessings. He was able to envision another way away from the violence against these persecuted people and this solution is to restore their citizenship first and to address the companies investing there to play a role in stopping their suffering, since violence will be counterproductive and will heighten the injustice, the misery, the killing and displacement of the Muslims there. Particular, in view of the pre-set wars against Muslims and the premeditated charges of “Islamic terrorism”, as they put it.

In the end, I see him as a man who could be right or wrong, but honestly speaking he has an unprecedented vision about this age characterized by totalism, realism and logical analysis that is far from emotions and illusions. His vision can be used and applied to achieve justice and end the greed and power of influential people, especially in economic wars.

He is a person worthy of respect and his ideas are worthy of investment.

Ahmad Abu Harb, 13th March 2017

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