Thinking outside the box was always one of the most important features of Mr. Bolsen

“His ideas have impressed us and motivated us to participate, especially after the Rohingya campaign that has achieved good results over a short interval of time and after we got the attention to the multinational companies investing in the Myanmar economy. The campaign adopted his strategy of reaching out to the companies so they can intervene immediately in ending the atrocities and genocide committed by the Government of Myanmar against the Rohingya. We started finally saw ourselves moving towards our goal as we received an initial response from one of those companies which seemed almost positive and we hope to develop our route further.

It was not the first time that Mr. Bolsen proposed ideas outside the box. As I have personally seen throughout following his writings, he always proposed effective ideas that care mostly to preserve lives and involve the least amount of damage away from any violence or confrontation with the institutions of the armed states; all his ideas hinged on the economic aspect.

I have learned a lot from the ideas, the thoughts and the opinions he posts on his page; leading me to discover facts I was never aware of before whether on the political, or the economic arenas, or even about the peoples and the types of oppression exercised against them by their governments.

I also have to say that he was the cause I changed all my personal thoughts and views away from fanaticism or intellectual radicalism. When the facts are clear, this becomes the key to the right path.”

Omar Abdel-Khaleq, 13th March 2017

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