We admire his indomitable spirit and energy to help others and seek justice for the oppressed

I met Shahid Bolsen about 2 months ago when I joined a chat group on Twitter (set up by my awesome and respectable friend and activist Jamila Hanan) to work on the Rohingya cause which is very close to our hearts.

When I read Shahid’s messages I was blown away by his words. He was extremely enthusiastic, determined and highly intelligent. As days went by it came apparent to me that Shahid is just what the Rohingya cause needed. His ideas, convictions, aspirations and writings were astounding. He suggested that we approach Multi National Corporations in a well thought out and professional manner. To ask them to work with us as it will benefit them as well as the Rohingya people.

His and Jamila’s persistence and ideas were put in to action and we were immediately seeing results. This in turn lifted our spirits to work even harder to try and achieve a peaceful resolution to end the atrocities against Rohingya minority  in Myanmar. He was clearly demonstrating leadership along with Jamila. As a group we had immense respect and admiration for him. We admired his indomitable spirit and energy  to help others and seek justice for the oppressed who need us to amplify their voices. His zest and commitment to work hard was compelling and inspiring to us all and we were constantly left awe-struck. Shahid also demonstrated his calmness and maturity when minor disagreements arose within the chat group.

Throughout our campaign Shahid remained resolute on the idea that we show respect to the companies whom we approached, to demonstrate a professional and peaceful form of activism. He has always mentioned in many of his blogs, interviews, etc (regarding other campaigns which entailed protests, uprising and revolutions) about the importance of peaceful actions which included reaching out to MNCs. He has never once advocated violence or extremism in any way, shape or form. His aim has always been to divert angry youth away from violence, his advice and guidance would be an outlet for people to turn to, for people to revolt in the right way that would be peaceful and bring constructive, productive and successful results.

In the short time I’ve known Shahid I’ve come to realise that he is a very special, endearing and an exceptionally good hearted person. Our broken world is in a dire need for amazing, kind, caring and good souls such as Shahid. Everyone who knows him feels in the same way as I do about him. It is a huge blessing and an honour to know this wonderful guy.


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