Patient, funny and friendly

Protect the Rohingya joined consultations with both Jamila Hanan and Shahid King Bolsen, earlier this year, on how multinational corporations can be held accountable for human rights violations in the countries where they do business.

Shahid put forward the idea of lobbying multinational corporations, to speak and act on the Rohingya issue and so the Unilever campaign began, as part of #WeAreAllRohingyaNow. He elected to put his full support behind the outreach project as opposed to the boycott option, hoping that a positive action would yield results.

From our interactions it was clear that Shahid was very passionate about fighting for the oppressed and had a wide knowledge on diverse strategies that activists could undertake in order to get their causes heard. He was also patient, funny and friendly, all very necessary characteristics for working on complex and difficult issues.

Protect the Rohingya, South Africa

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