Possibly the greatest thinker I have ever met

“Shahid is a brilliant ‘thinker’, someone that cuts through problems, to see straight through to the causes, and thus potential solutions, on just about any topic you want to throw his way.

In today’s world, full of seemingly impossible conflicts, humanitarian crises and increasing hatred, for sure we are in need of people like Shahid.

Shahid puts forward ideas for a more intelligent kind of activism, whereby we can work with market forces, that are seemingly impossible to turn back, to encourage the business sector to use their leverage for a more fair society.

He also encourages people of the Muslim faith (of which he shares) to be open minded in working together with non Muslims to try to solve some of the world’s problems from which we all suffer.

He speaks against extremism, and strongly advises against violence, instead urging people to be patient and persistent in actions for a fairer society.

Our time working together on the #WeAreAllRohingyaNow campaign has been extremely productive, energizing and a lot of fun!

Not only does he have brilliant ideas, he’s also very funny too, helping people to smile even in difficult circumstances. One thing that everyone who has had the privilege to meet or work with Shahid will tell you is, ‘He is a good man’.”

Jamila Hanan, @jamilahanan, #WeAreAllRohingyaNow

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