Shahid is well known as a ‘thinker’ that comes up with workable solutions to the increasing problems we are facing in today’s world.

He has been a strong voice within the Muslim community against extremism.

His work over the past few years he has been focused on encouraging people to direct their anger and frustrations away from meaningless violence and into meaningful actions instead, to help bring about a fairer society for all.

One area of focus which Shahid draws attention to, that has frequently been overlooked by those advocating for social justice, is the subject of economics.

Shahid is acting as Campaign Strategist on the #WeAreAllRohingyaNow campaign, advising that the campaign reaches out to multinational corporations to  call on them to use their influence for a positive outcome, advising on all matters of strategy,  assisting with teambuilding and with both internal and external communications.

Shahid works professionally as a legal advisor to the well respected law organisation Detained in Dubai.



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