Think for yourself

The big challenge, and I think it is a bigger challenge in the age of the internet than it ever was before, is to actually think for yourself.

The “Information Super Highway” is full of ruts it is remarkably easy to get stuck in.  You may be in one ideological lane, try to break out of it, and you end up in another ideological lane just as  rigid as the one you were in before.

There are so many people out there who are ready to help you not have to think, they provide you with all the ideological formulas you need, to make you believe you understand things.

I am not sure, frankly, how anyone can escape this.

It feels like most people are little more than ideology resellers, even without knowing it.  Even being anti-ideology becomes an ideology.

Do whatever you have to do to protect your mind and your ability to think your own thoughts, because this seems to be under an unprecedented assault these days.

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